Charcoal Grills


Industrial grill for restaurants and barbecues
Traditional Portuguese barbecue
Charcoal grill for grilling any food in the most traditional way, on a rotating grill or rotating skewer, dispensing with the permanent presence of an operator.

Key Features:
●    Stainless steel exterior walls;
●    Interior with mineral insulation;
●    Evacuation of ash;
●    High density refractory brick coating;
●    Different types of grids, rotating and/or static, working simultaneously, as well as skewers;
●    Two-tier models for large production.

Grids  and skewers available:
●    Open chicken grid;
●    Closed chicken skewer;
●    Multipurpose grid;
●    Baked potato grid;
●    Skewer for lamb or pork leg;
●    Suckling pig skewer
●    Stainless steel static grids;
●    Static iron grids.

Lines available:
●    900 - Simple
●    900 - Double

CE certified equipment