Grelhaço By Chakall

"The best grill in Portugal has found its grid"

"I'm Argentinian and I have a very close relationship with grills. Argentinians are probably the people that make the most grills in the world and so they know how to truly appreciate a good grill.

I know the national and international market very well and in GRELHAÇO I found what I was looking for: a sturdy product with a good performance. After trying it out I was truly amazed at the power of the grills, the performance, the quality of the stainless steel: it's spectacular!

In my restaurant I have two grills and a gas cooker from GRELHAÇO and the quality of the grilled food is fantastic. In addition, at GRELHAÇO I find great value for money and, being a family business, it shows great concern for it customers, something I highly appreciate."

These are the recipes I've prepared for you, with GRELHAÇO´s multi-purpose grill that is wonderful.

Pepper Stuffed with Eggs and Cheese