Gas Stoves

Line 900

Industrial Cooker
Robust, fast and practical
Gas cooker of line 900 – practical and high durability, designed for fast cooking.

Key Features:
●    Burners with two burn settings, with individual safety;
●    Cast iron work table grates;
●    Easy burner mobility for easy cleaning;
●    Built in stainless steel;
●    Possible regulation of the height of the feet in steel.

Robust and effective ovens:
●    Ovens with stainless steel interior, coated with mineral insulation;
●    Fast to reach maximum service temperature;
●    Equipped with stainless steel grate and tray;
●    High-strength oven door.

Models available:

●    Douro I, II and III
●    Tejo I, II and III

CE certified equipment